Sexual blacklist, anyone?

Okay, I've been AWOL from the blog. Spending time researching stuff in the Library of Congress etc. So here are a few thoughts before I nod off. First, Juliet, I played the cut on your new CD and the first track left my jaw hanging. Wow. You're the ultimate wenchling...I look forward to reading Mary Cheney's book. I bet she'll have some intriguing observations on polarizing issues related to gays/perceptions of conservatives etc... An Editor & Publisher editor (Greg Mitchell) is sassing National Press Club over Jeff Gannon's upcoming appearance. The E&P guy suggested they produce a list of any former press club discussants who were suspected of being former prostitutes. That's pretty creepy Mr. Mitchell. A sexual blacklist. Note he didn't ask for a list of previous discussants who may have been former johns. Hmnnn.

Now, I wonder if it's the aspect of alleged illegality that bothers Mr. Mitchell so much, or the aspect of a sexual behavior? If it's the former, why didn't Mr. Mitchell ask the Press Club to produce a 'blacklist' of all previous discussants who have used drugs or do use drugs? Or drove on a suspended license. Or got a DUI. Or stole something. If it's the latter, an aspect of sexual behavior, then who is Mr. Mitchell to judge consenting behavior between adults? They've friggin' gone moonbatty over at E&P on this issue. What's the matter with you oddballs?

Well, have a fun April Fool's day. Oh, and should Editor & Publisher ever disbar you from any event due to Greg Mitchell disapproving of your consensual sexual practices, you can call into my radio show. We have no blacklist. The one tomorrow is on appropriately, FAKE NEWS, at www.rightalk.com Show is live from D.C. 2-3.