Carey Scary?

Some conservative Christians are still in a snit over Mary Carey's appearance at a Repub fundraiser where the Prez was speaking. Get over it. Newsflash: Jesus had a reputation of hanging out with prostitutes, drunkards and tax collectors (and deriding religious power players). He apparently liked their company and preferred it to the religious leaders. So why are Christians so quick to cast stones at Bush as well as Ms. Carey who is excercising her freedoms by attending? After all, wasn't it the pharisees who denounced Jesus over his choice of company? I'm not comparing Bush to Jesus, I'm comparing the criticism of Bush/Cary by Christians to that leveled against Jesus and his pals by Pharisees. As far as the Prez goes, he's the leader for all Americans, Ms. Carey included. Why is this so hard for some people to understand?

Furthermore, a wry observer eager to poke a finger in hypocrisy might note that according to recent stats (gathered by evangelicals) 35% of evangelical Christian women are surfing porn online (God only knows how many evangelical men are.) So perhaps Ms. Cary simply wanted to acknowledge an important part of her constituency: conservative Xtans and Republicans.