Church priorities

I know of one big downtown church in Ft. Lauderdale, that spares no expense when it comes to indoor fireworks, a July 4 celebration featuring Marines rappelling from the ceiling, musicals and marketing targeting the upscale condos being built next door. But I've been informed they set aside little over $14,000 for missions (a pathetic amount). And what about the rundown Sistrunk area surrounding the church? Well, they don't seem nearly as interested in 'marketing' to the homeless, and the poor and unfortunates in the area, although they do some things, and have an annual Thanksgiving dinner for the poor. (Yeesh!)

This church, sadly, seems to be saying "What can you do for me?" rather than let us make no distinctions among men, racially or any other way, when it comes to ministering to the community. How else can you explain the priority targeting of the condo dwellers who will bring in more moolah to the church than the Sistrunk folks?

This is what the church has in too many ways become in the era when entertainment overtook interest in spirituality.