"This is violence"

From Middle East Research Institute: Lebanese Terrorist-Turned-Researcher Anis Al-Naqqash on Hizbullah's Al-Manar TV: In Support of Terror Attacks in London, the U.S., and Arab Countries


"The claims about Islam's renunciation of violence are meaningless, unfounded, and illogical. Why? Because Islam is one of the greatest advocates of violence, when violence is warranted, and one of the greatest advocates of peace and compassion, when compassion is warranted. Islam is the religion of life in general, and not a blind religion. Islam does not surrender to foreign aggression. So stating categorically that Islam is a religion of love that rejects violence � This is a big lie. 'Take them and kill them wherever you find them.' This is taken from the words of Allah [the Koran]. About whom? About Allah's enemies. This is violence. "
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