Bye bye Brownie

Good riddance. I have visions of Brown holed up in some eat-of-the-floor hangar, reviewing charts and graphs for a couple of days and doing nothing down 'round New Orleans. Indications are he's another one of these pencil-pushers put in very sensitive security positions despite having absolutely no experience. (Plenty of those in aviation security, covering for cluelessness by instituting federal groping job programs and test-driving x-ray vision voyeuristic machines.)

That leaves us still dealing with Chertoff's weird communications (read Robert Novak's "get rid of the lawyers" column from yesterday.) Those were just another entry into the Salvador Dali (or peyote)-inspired fed scene.

And regarding the appallingly inept state and local authorities -they will in all likelihood get promotions, tour as expert speakers on disasters, and get book deals. Movie of the week stuff. That's the way the bureaucratic beast works. Just like after 9/11.