"The dam is to be burst."

From another source who "cared about the mission and not running to Greece or vacation everytime the cock crowed" according to a friend of his.

"I've been living in Serbia, Novi Sad, since I left the British army in July 2002, I joined the UN Civil Administration teams covering all Kosovo, you probably thought I was working with the Danish Refugee Council, I was, but helping them and monitoring, I just carried on with what i enjoyed in the BA. anyway, I've got info that we both shared, i.e maps, personalities,...after the bombing of London this year, cemtex used was from Kosovo, alike the madrid cemtex used in Madrdid.

The damn is to be burst. Fucking fed up and don't want to play the game anymore, especially when these fuckers are R&R ing in Kosovo and Bosnia. British Policy can kiss my arse. I'll write more soon"