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God save the Queen

On Sunday the London Telegraph reported British security services are trying to obtain "extra footage" from the 'farewell' video of London suicide bomber Mohammed Siddique Khan. The segment of Khan, thought to have been produced by al Qaeda, is said to be part of a larger video which includes commentary by Ayman al-Zawahiri.

It is said he refers to the Queen and other planned attacks in the video:

"He claims that Muslim leaders in Britain are taking orders from the Queen in her role as the head of the Church of England, saying they 'imitate her and issue fatwas in accordance with her religion.'"

Dewsbury mosque -Tablighi Jamaat -Argentina mobilization

More insight is still being generated about the bombers links to the Dewsbury mosque. Khan lived in Dewsbury, eight miles from the Leeds home of the other three bombers. Both Khan and bomber Shehzad Butt, 22, were said to have frequented the Markaz Mosque in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire. The mosque is the European HQ of the Tablighi Jamaat (TJ)

The TJ is often described by analysts as a peaceful, apolitical organization. But Alex Alexiev (Center for Security Policy) warns that because the org is so secret -a condition facilitated by the group's dynastic nature- these perceptions are nothing more than a reiteration of the self-serving PR of the group.

Media have reported the FBI and Pentagon, as well as other foreign government orgs are monitoring the group, due to its propensity to be infiltrated and used by al Qaeda as a recruiting front.

Alexiev goes further and insists the evidence shows TJ is actively recruiting for jihad while al Qaeda and other terrorist groups pull the strings unseen.

The TJ are 'missionaries' who have fanned out across the globe (with Saudi funding even though they are from different stock than the Wahhabis, similar in outlook though) to call lukewarm Muslims back to the 'true' path.

Alexiev quotes French TJ expert Marc Gaborieau on TJ's ultimate goal: a "planned conquest of the world" via jihad.

This is probably hard for some people to believe. The media tends to report jihadist ideology as only propounding 'defensive' jihad, when in reality the leaders whose writings feed into the jihadist tributaries strongly assert true jihad is also offensive and entails overthrowing all nation-states in order that mankind can come to freely know the full truth of Islam. Let's not forget than in 1988 al Qaeda promised to liberate America. And then ask yourself why you never hear anything in the media about the imperial Islamic vision.

Also a Sept. 3 article in the Daily Mail by Sue Reid titled "So how many more martyrs did he create?" states that Alexiev will make a speech later this month in Berlin revealing for the first time publicly the "extraordinary pivotal role that the Dewsbury-based organization has played in the rise of Islamic fundamentalism in Britain."

Wrote Reid:

'Instead of serious debate on what could have motivated British born and raised young men to become Islamist mass murderers and what ideology, networks and organisations spurred them on in their murderous quest, officials (in Britain) seem to compete in assuring the public that the carnage is merely the work of a few misguided individuals among the vast majority of peace-loving British Muslims,' warns Mr Alexiev.

'They profess disbelief that young Muslim men, who "loved cricket and girls" could do a thing (suicide bombing) like that.' Mr Alexiev cites extraordinary Home Office figures which show that 26 per cent of British Muslims feel no loyalty to Britain; 13 per cent of them defend terrorism and one per cent engage in terrorist activity here and abroad or support such activity.

'This last figure, deemed extremely small by the Home Office, adds up to 16,000 real or potential terrorists,' adds Mr Alexiev.'These large minorities of radicalised Muslims were systematically indoctrinated in blind hatred of their fellow citizens by a pervasive infrastructure of well-organised and funded Islamist networks and organisations that have dominated British Islam for two decades,' he declares. "

Meawhile, the Argentinian press is reporting that 26 Tablighi Jamaat cadres arrived in Argentina in five groups over the past few months. The militants are said to have come from Pakistan, Malaysia, South Africa, Qatar and Egypt, in order to recruit Argentine Muslims to conduct terrorism.

Italy in urgent move to protect artistic treasures

Italy remains on an elevated alert. As previously reported by the Sun-Herald, metal barricades have been placed around the Colosseum, locks on 49 Rome subway stations have been changed, and airport-style security measures (sans the groping?) have been put in place at museums and other repositories of Renaissance masterpieces. Last time I was in Italy (Florence) was when I was 16 and working toward a Renaissance art history scholarship for my freshman year of university. From Giotto's frescoes to Cellini's Perseus, to Fra Angelico and more -I had become enraptured by the artists whose work I was now standing in front of. I had been devouring everything- from Alberti's treatise on painting, to rare monogaphs, to Hartt's volume filled with colour plates. But to actually see these works was truly a magnificent experience. I often think of how condensed an area many of these works are contained in and the unthinkable damage that could be done by even a single bomb.

Oriana Fallaci had a secret meeting with the Pope (how secret since we know about it now?). With the new Pope's stance on Islamofascism, the Vatican no doubt will become a target, despite the vast Catholic opposition on just war grounds to the Iraq war, as well as the Vatican's previous friendly meetings with Hussein officials.

Last month they expelled some 700 suspected militants and arrested 141.

Last month Bavaria expelled 3 suspected radicals as reported by Reuters:

"Anyone who wants to replace our free democratic order with an Islamist theocracy has no business here," the Bavarian minister, Guenther Beckstein, said as he announced the expulsion of two Bosnians and a Moroccan.

The three were members of a group called Tabligh-i Jamaat whose followers aim to create an Islamic state, Beckstein's ministry said in a statement. "
More on current movements soon.

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