"Kosovo Independence Army" threatens...

...to blow up media and teachers. The former for not publicizing threats, the latter over teachers teaching in Serbo-Croatian and not including KIA-appoved content. (per a credible source).

In response to anticipated acceptance by local news media of their injunction, the letter reads: "THANK YOU FOR THREATENING." (A Monty Python moment, perhaps.)

Meanwhile, UNMIK continues to warn its people about car bombs, and UN cars have been defaced in Kosovo to read "FUND" -meaning "END" in Albanian. Leaflets in the area read as follows:

UNMIK regime in discrepancy with the will of the people is negation of freedom. The system lives as oppressor. The people are being oppressed. Therefore, this regime needs an end. No one else will bring this better than the people themselves. This is the reason why our message and aim towards the antidemocratic UNMIK structures is being written on their 4WD vehicles. UNMIK has only 4WD vehicles because they see Kosovo sometimes as a jungle and sometimes as a dessert. In fact they are turning Kosovo into their own superstition. END to unbearable slavery END to every day oppression SELFDETERMINATION!

Meanwhile, at an UNMIK press conference on Oct 12, UNMIK spokesman Neeraj Singh played dumb when asked about armed paramilitaries in uniform active in central Kosovo: "We have no reason to believe that they exist, at the same time the police do investigate all such reports. "

This just days after NATO confirmed armed gangs were creating blockades. It's typical of UNMIK to say groups don't exist. They said the same thing of the Albanian National Army until they were forced to acknowledge its existence and participation in terrorist activity.

[If you'd like a copy of the press briefing notes, the KIA threat letter, or their latest communique -in English, email me.]