NATO: Criminals Halting Traffic In Western Kosovo

From AP: "NATO-led peacekeepers said Monday that 'criminals' were stopping cars and halting traffic in western Kosovo after local media reports revealed that masked and armed man put up checkpoints in the area..Local media have reported that a group calling itself "The Army for Kosovo's Independence" is setting up checkpoints in the west of the province and threatening U.N. and Kosovo officials with death and kidnapping if they stand in the way of the province's independence....The appearance of armed extremist groups at a time when this disputed U.N.-run province nears talks on its future is a worrying sign for security officials in Kosovo. There are fears that extremists group might retort to violence if they aren't happy with theoutcome of the talks..."

I have a copy of a recent communique issued by the "army." It promises capital punishment for members of the Kosovar parliament if it didn't declare independence by last Saturday. It mentions "Kosovar quislings" that deserve "not one bullet" in the forehead "but seven." Well, you get the idea. These aren't exactly Rotarians talking here.
[If you'd like a copy of the communique, email me.]