Something's (Babel)Fishy @ CIA ?

Intel still having helluva time recruiting Arabic-speaking spies in US. Story here. Here's an interesting comment I received by email from someone I know at a think tank:

"One of the big problems is for instance Now Dir Goss when he was in Congress earmarked $3 mil specifically to train those in the CIA already in high value languages such as Arabic Chinese etc. well instead of using it for that Tenet took the money and bought auto-translation equipment and software which is not only useless but even dangerous if relied upon. Then again nothing surprises me about the intelligence community anymore, except for when they get something right. "

(Actually, BabelFish doesn't have anything to do w/it -that just made a convenient header -For more check out Language Weaver)

So you combine that with Paul Sperry's revelations in "The Mole House" chapter in"Infiltration" -and you gotta wonder.


"We have serious problems with the hiring of language specialists. Background investigations are not being conducted properly, and we're giving people top secret clearance who shouldn't have it. And we have espionage cases because it." -John M. Cole, former FBI program manager for foreign intelligence investigations covering Afghanistan, India and Pakistan.

So, let's be clear. Intel also has a problem with foreign-language spies that already work for it.

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