Back from the Big Apple

Been busy in NYC. Got back last night -will update the ole blog tomorrow.

BTW- didn't see any signs of the talked-about upped security at hotels.

In addition to working sources, I had the pleasure of being a guest at the Atlas Freedom Dinner, put on by the Atlas Economic Research Foundation.

The Freda Utley Prize for Advancing Liberty and the Templeton Freedom Prize for Initiative in Public Relations (for non-profits) were awarded.

The speakers & presenters included David Asman (Fox); John Stossel; Anwar Ibrahim, former acting Prime Minister of Malaysia; Rocío Guijarro, director of a Venezuelan think tank, Centro de Divulgación del Conocimiento Económico (CEDICE); Akinyi June Arunga -a bright 24-year old Kenyan who has produced 2 BBC documentaries on Africa; Franklin Cudjoe, head of the Ghanaian think tank Imani: The Centre for Humane Education; and Mart Laar, former Prime Minister of Estonia. All are champions of free-market reforms and view them as fundamental precursors to the establishment and spread of human liberty. Posted by Picasa