"French CNN" to oppose US dominance

A public/private venture. (France currently has two 24-hour news cable channels, one of which focuses on economic news.)

"PARIS, Nov 30 (Reuters) - France's government gave the green light on Wednesday for an international TV news channel to start broadcasting in French by the end of next year, with the aim of spreading the country's vision to the world.

The brainchild of President Jacques Chirac, the 24-hour news channel is expected to beam into homes, hotels and newsrooms in much the same way as U.S.-owned CNN, Britain's BBC World and more recently Qatar's Arabic-language al-Jazeera.

...Government officials say the projected high cost of the venture would be offset by a gain in world influence. The channel would promote a vision of a "multipolar" world that is not dominated by one superpower, such as the United States. " etc

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(Perhaps after France resumes selling weapons to China, China will show its gratitude by making a substantial and fitting investment in the new network pushing the "multi-polar" meme promoted foremost by China. )