Momo's crew: "We'll fuck them all"

Some reporters have quoted one Mohammed 'Momo' Rezzoug in their reports.

First the WashPost headline: "Rage of French Youth Is a Fight for Recognition: Spreading Rampage in Country's Slums Is Rooted in Alienation and Abiding Government Neglect."

Ever since Theo Van Gogh's murder the press seems to reflexively describe animosity between 'unassimilated' immigrants and the rest of a Euro country as the sole culpability of government. Those suffering from the lack of assimilation are portrayed sympathetically, and this WashPost story seems to see the rioters as victims.

WashPost: "Mohammed Rezzoug, caretaker of the municipal gymnasium and soccer field, knows far more about the youths hurling firebombs and torching cars on the streets of this Paris suburb than do the police officers and French intelligence agents struggling to nail the culprits...They're my kids," said Rezzoug..."There's a lot of rage. Through this burning, they're saying, 'I exist, I'm here.'

Compare that to Deutsche Presse-Agentur who interviewed the same guy:
'These are our kids,' says Mohammed Rezzoug, vice president of Blanc-Mesnil football club. Every night, Rezzoug is out on the streets talking to local youths in a bid to prevent his own sports hall going up in smoke. 'They answer me: 'Momo, we'll fuck them all',' he says."

Another difference between the two stories: The WashPost disincludes the story of the disabled woman who was allegedly doused with petrol & set on fire. In disincluding the story, they avoid having to answer how setting a handicapped woman on fire is all about self-expression, a cry for help, and telling the world you "exist." Kinda saps the quaintness right out of that urban tableau, huh?

And -as I mentioned below - this tedious putting all the blame on government for lack of assimilation ignores the popular Islamic leaders in Europe who preach against assimilation as a sin and "cultural rape."

Oh, and speaking of "Momo" -there was this posting on on the riots in cyberspace: " "
The cops are petrified of us, everything must burn, starting Monday, the operation 'Midnight Sun' starts, tell everyone else, rendezvous for Momo and Abdul in Zone 4 ... jihad Islamia Allah Akhbar." Hopefully, this is a different Momo, right? . Posted by Picasa