Fox News Poll

You are a British Fox. How would you like to be killed?

-I would like to be shot by a famer.
-I would like to be chased cross country by posh people, then bitten by dogs.
-I would like to be dug out by terriers, then bashed on the head with a shovel.
-I would like to be mown down by traffic.
-I would like to be caught in a wire snare.
-I would like to be trapped in a cage, then stoned to death with champagne bottles in an Oxbridge college.
-Hey, you can't kill me! You need me! Who'll guard the henhouse and save your blasted cabbages from the rabbits?

Enter your Fox News Poll choice in the comments section below. (More end of the year irreverent revelry.)

[hat tip (in part) Chase me, Ladies.] Posted by Picasa