"Pandemonium" outside Al-Arian court

According to Orlando Sentinel Reporter Pedro Ruz Gutierrez who was on the phone with the newspaper when the verdict was read acquitting Sami Al-Arian " it is pandemonium outside the court right now. Al-Arian reacted with a big smile and was blowing kisses to his wife in the courtroom. People were heard saying 'God is great' and 'Justice is done' after the verdict, which meant acquittal on some charges for Al-Arian and three co-defendants or a hung jury on the others.

Pedro says U.S. Attorney Paul Perez for Middle District of Florida said his office will revisit the charges on which the jury could not agree. Whether that means they will bring those back into court or drop them isn't known yet. Perez also said his office had the best people from Department of Justice on the case."