Certain lacunae

No more war, no more homies. (Oops, that would be, homos.)

Those are the views of Iqbal Sacranie (that's Sir Iqbal, mind you) who says homosexuality is immoral and spreads disease, and civil partnerships are damaging to society's foundations.

His critics apparently believe he was knighted for his medieval views.

First, even though this is a Brit story, it brings to mind how the American MSM is quick to report on conservative Christian opposition to homosexuality (and desired rights, marriage) and ensuing controversies while usually completely ignoring the American Muslim stance on this.

The leader of the Brit gay group Outrage! was well, outraged. And no doubt Sir I.S. will be accused of homophobia. Ironically, Sir Iqbal supported a law making incitement to religious hatred illegal, and in the course of doing so made liberal use of the term "Islamophobia" -no doubt noting how effective was the leveraging its root predecessor, "homophobia," in the turning of public opinion.

"You can't have a society where we say that everybody is to be treated equally...when there are certain disadvantages, certain lacunas in law that treats certain communities and particularly certain faith communities in a disadvantaged manner."

And later he wrote, "Stirring up hatred against people simply because of their religious beliefs or lack of them ought to be regarded as a social evil. The BNP's ongoing Islamophobia can and has led to criminal acts, abuse, discrimination, fear and disorder. At the moment, there are laws against those who are stirred into committing these offences, but not against those that do the stirring."

In an astonishing gyration of illogic, Sir Iqbal also was at the forefront of British Muslims announcing they would boycott last year's commemoration of the liberation of Auschwitz because they said it was not racially inclusive and does not commemorate the victims of the Palestinian conflict.

Just how many Palestinians were there at Auschwitz?

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