I'll be on the radio today

@ 3:30 pm EST, on KAHL San Antonio, on the Ron Thule Show. Topic: Al Qaeda Video is 'Green Light' for Attack, Analyst Warns.

At 4:35 EST I'll be on NewsTalk WIBA in Madison, Wisconsin, back on the Up Front show with Vicki McKenna. Same Topic.

I also did Greg Allen's The Right Balance talk show this morning @ 10:50. Streaming online. (although I have to warn you, I was about to lose my voice towards the end!)

My source went on KKLA/Los Angeles yesterday. I was glad to hook them up with him. And he'll be on KAHL during drive time today. His name is Christopher Brown/Hudson Institute.

I'll have some more to say here in the blog about this topic later. Interesting communications I received from former French secret service agent Jean-Charles Brisard (author of Zarqawi: The New Face of al Qaeda) and Yossef Bodansky. As well as Darko Trifunovic. Trifunovic and Brisard did not weigh in until after I submitted the article, and Bodansky -I needed some more info on one of his theories...so that also did not make the deadline. Check back here later for more info.