The Solution to the AvSec problem:

Pour yourself another jack & coke.

From a lawyer friend: (who is both insightful and has a sense of humor)

"Today I gave my annual airport security lecture to a class of aviation law students at the [deleted] Law School. These students are among America’s brightest and most in their last year. I asked how many thought commercial aviation in America was safe from terrorism. There was a unanimous 0.

I asked how many asked another attack on aviation from al Qaeda in the near future. Again unanimous only this time all raised their hands. I asked how many were afraid to fly. Again all agreed they were not. I asked for an explanation from a group of intelligent young people as to how they could be unafraid to fly if they felt another al Qaeda aviation attack was coming.

The answers.
Statistics were in their favor.
There was nothing they could do about it.
They just didn’t think about it.

I asked how many would join me in a campaign to demand that government secure the aviation industry they believed was vulnerable to terrorism. They were unanimous once again. 0

These young people will fight for animal rights, racial equality, gay marriage, against violence, etc. but they are absolutely paralyzed over the issue of responding to terrorism. As a result we can use equipment in airports to look through their mother’s clothing; spend $2million for CTX machines that can’t find bombs; spend $100 million on R&D for anti-missile systems that can’t intercept man pads aimed at airliners on take-off or landing; assign air marshals to protect hi-jack proof airliners from hijacking; etc, etc, etc. and they will accept it without a peep.

I am shocked, chagrined and dismayed – I may start drinking again!"

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