blogging @ CPAC

Just filed my first story on CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference). It will probably go up tonight or maybe tomorrow am. Also did Adam McManus' radio show, behind Phyllis Schlafly and Chris Simcox and ahead of John Fund of the WSJ.

Rep. Sam Johnson ripped Murtha -- "He made my blood boil" --in a speech given in the middle of a a forum on the threat from Iran. Johnson prefaced his remarks by saying he had been asked to speak on the war on terror through the eyes of a Air Force vet. He received 2 standing ovations.

Tomorrow I'm covering the drug policy debate. Interestingly enough, one debater pulled out, so now the two participants as well as the moderator are all pro-legalization. The one that pulled out, said she felt the debate was stacked against her. Now the drug policy 'debate' @ CPAC will be completely dominated by the pro-legalization lobby. Interesting turn of events. I also just ran into to a member of "Law Enforcement Against Prohibition." I'll be interviewing him as well.

They're setting up the metal detectors now for Cheney's visit...a German shepherd is being walked through the lobby and the "Velvet Revolution" is towing a large A-frame sign out front calling for Bush and Cheney's impeachment. The sign shows Bush in prison stripes and chains.

Last but not least, I'm so glad I had lunch @ the Open City cafe on Connecticut. They actually have a totally authentic Croque Monsieur on the menu (yay). Sorry, La Madeleine, but after 4 years in Paris, I just gotta say I have no idea why you think that thing on your menu is anything like a croque monsieur...??