Busy day

3 meetings and a one-hour interview with Kosovo's Bishop Artemije of Raska and Prizren.

Drudge picked up my "Cruci-fixins" story: NBC's 'Cruci-fixins' Were 'Leftovers' from Fox which means I got a lot of feedback. Surprisingly, some accused me of anti-Christian bias.
Here's a sampling of the wide variety of letters:

"Your bias is showing. Just because a term may have been used before does not mean it wasn't intentional in this situation. Also, you being a word-smith know that a word can be used in an innocent way and also in mean way! You cannot blame Christians for being upset lately. I sure hope you bothered to call Rev. Wildmon before you made your judgements on what to write about his comments. I also noticed you did not do your homework on the press release. It was indeed released by NBC and was NOT misquoted by AFA and the other news groups that received the news release!" --S.E.

"I just recently read your article about the "Will and Grace" episode with Brittany Spears. …You leave the reader to wonder, or question the intent of the article at least me anyway. It seems to reek with a biased viewpoint. Though I may have a lack of judgement, and I'm willing to accept that because I don't know how you feel personally about the AFA, and other Christian awareness groups, or I don't know how you feel about Christianity either.But it is mockery to the Death of Christ to minimize it by humoring it. " -M.S.

"Loved your article about the etymology and prior usage(s) of the term "Crucifixins." While I probably would have laughed at it in the Arrested Development and the Simpson's cases, as described, the term is, I guess, nevertheless mildly insulting to me as a practicing Christian.
However, please note I would not be burning buildings and threatening worldwide rage over the JOKE." -T.P

"I really don't understand why NBC would pull an episode of Will and Grace that offends Christians. Doesn't the series itself offend them by nature of it's homosexual lead character? The networks are really at the hand of whoever complains the most and it is a sad day for freedom of expression when quality shows are self-censored or cancelled because people cannot control themselves enough to just not watch what they do not like or show of which the do not approve."-N.K.

"We appreciate your article about NBC and the Will and Grace segment with Brittany Spears. I cannot understand why this network is choosing to constantly put down the Christian beliefs by focusing on programs that try to demean us. We would like to thank you for bringing this out in the open and we appreciate good journalism. " -J.C.

"Does anyone not see the parallels between the American Family Association's blackmailing of NBC and the uproar over the political cartoons overseas? It seems we are not for freedom of expression and/or freedom of speech in this country either. I would very much have like to watch The Book of Daniel and I'm a big fan of Will and Grace, why does the AFA get to decide what I watch?"-A.C.

"What has our world come to?... I flip the T.V. all night long and see at least 100 or more shows on religion preaching what I should and should do and where i'm going to end up if I don't believe in it. Oh and hey guess what if I don't like it I can switch the channel and so can all of those bible thumpin christians and all the rest of them who don't want to watch Will & Grace for cryin out loud. What is happening in America? What happened to freedom of speech? or maybe I should ask Cindy Sheehan. As a lesbian taxpaying citizen of this country who has no benefits, no tax breaks for me and my domestic partner because we cannot leagally marry but I sure can pay for all the married ones who keep on making babies and all of us can foot the bill with food stamps etc. I am not a millionare, I have a simple high school education make less than 25,000 a year and may never see the light of day from bills from the cost of living not adjusting to trhe pay scale but I cannot listen to whose feeling are hurt on such trivial matters. I see now why Howard Stern had to go to satellite radio to get away from all this BS. In his words, IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT SWITCH THE CHANNEL. A disgusted not so proud to be and american anymore." No Name.

"Tell them to get a grip not everything that is said about catholics is making fun of them I am catholic and think its funny when we are the end of a joke. " -D.S.

"Why would you say Good Friday is the most solemn day on the Christian calendar? Jesus was NOT crucified on Good Friday. From Friday sundown to Sunday sun-up does not equal 3 days in the tomb. Jesus was crucified on a Wednesday . You need to study up on Jewish culture and beliefs. There are many Shabbats in the Jewish calendar not just the Friday sundown to Saturday sundown. The feast or festival days are referred to as Shabbats or the Sabbath in Christian literature. So a week can have two Sabbaths/Shabbats. The Christian teaching has left this very important piece of knowledge out of the equation." -from a "student rabbi."

"Regarding the "Crucifixins" article, I just wanted to ask what is the point of enumerating the past incarnations of “Crucifixins” on various TV programs over the years? Was it your intention to demonstrate that the term has been used with impunity before, and thereby conjure up an appearance of Christian hypocrisy? Because what has gone before is not pertinent to the story. It’s what is happening NOW that is of importance. Today, the followers of Christianity are enduring an onslaught of secular ridicule and litigation in the United States as never before, but this attack receives very little coverage in the news media---no doubt because our news media are themselves largely biased against Christianity. Meanwhile, a handful of pen-and-ink cartoons in Europe incite violent riots in the Muslim community, and THAT story makes worldwide headlines. Why do you think this is so? Do you think Muslims are justified in rioting when their religion is ridiculed? Would Christians be justified in rioting under similar circumstances? This is the bigger story---the global war against religion in general, persecuted not by the leaders of nations, but by a strongly biased “free press” and entertainment industry. There’s going to come a day---perhaps in the not-too-distant future---when the tiny MINORITY of secular news and entertainment personnel in the world finally incur the long-overdue wrath of the MAJORITY of the earth’s human population...95% of whom are religious." - C.A.M.

"I have a remote control too and I use it to keep Jesus OUT of my entertainment. The AFA needs to step up and stop crying. TURN IT OFF." - R.J.

"Things that are said and done in the press and in the movies about the Christian religion would never be done to other religions especially Islam." - a Marine.