Defense contractor pleads guilty, tip of the iceberg?

My latest story:

Defense Contractor Pleads Guilty in Cunningham Bribery Case(CNSNews.com) - Defense contractor Mitchell J. Wade pleaded guilty Friday to multiple felony counts of bribery and corruption, including one related to the $1 million in payoffs he directed to former Republican U.S. Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham, prosecutors said. Full Story

Mentioned in this story is former National Ground Intelligence Center (NGIC) intelligence analyst William Cruse, who I coincidentally spent most of yesterday and today with. According to Cruse and another former analyst Steven R. Jenkins, this is way bigger than just one DoD official and his son getting jobs in return for federal contract money. They named two top NGIC officials and their sons who went on to jobs at MZM (although neither son had any intel experience according to them), and said it included relatives, wives getting jobs etc.

Time will tell whether proof emerges indicating corruption in these cases mentioned by Cruse. Cruse, who talked to Walter Pincus of the WashPost later today, indicated WP may have a story on this out on how extensive this is tonight or Monday.

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