More on defense contractor bribery case

Saturday the WashPost named Robert Fromm as the defense "official" who was likely referred to in the prosecutor's plea press release. I had received Fromm's name, the FIRES database link, and his son's, Sean T. Fromm's name from some intel sources, as individuals who were hired by MZM, but had no corroborating proof they were the individuals named by the investigation, so we did not report those or other names I received Friday night.

I was told by intel sources quite a few people from National Ground Intelligence Center (NGIC) went to work for MZM, Inc., including more than one father and son. I was also told the WashPost's Walter Pincus believed Fromm fit the time frame. Makes me wonder what the WashPost has, if anything in the way of corroborating proof. (Or if they just deduced it from tie frame). (The WP had previously reported civilian executive officer for NGIC Bill Rich and his son both went to work for NGIC, and the Army at the time issued a statement indicating all was on the up and up.)

By pure coincidence I had spent Thursday and Friday with William L. Cruse, a former analyst and whistleblower from NGIC. Cruse blew the whistle on a number of things at NGIC, but he did mention MZM at the end, and put me in touch with other whistleblowers with more info on MZM.

Prosecutors now have decided to meet with Cruse. For the prosecution to be moving to look into whistleblower accusations may lead to some interesting new developments. After all, numerous official bodies and persons previously dismissed the whistleblowers' charges as completely unsubstantiated and allegedly engaged in retaliation against those whistleblowers. It seems prosecutors have worked their way in 'backwards' to the whistleblowers' claims --years after the fact. Posted by Picasa