Your vote counts...?

If you haven't read it already, read Richard Brand's piece about the purchase of Sequoia Voting Systems by a Venezuelan company accused of rigging elections in Hugo Chavez's favor. Brand calls it a national security threat. Story here.

Sequoia has been having some problems lately. They have been under scrutiny because of tabulation problems last week in Chicago/Cook County.

“Suburban Cook County election officials said Monday that they had finished counting polling place ballots, nearly a week after the primary election was thrown into confusion by new and problem-plagued voting equipment that many election judges were not trained to operate…..Meanwhile, Ald. Edward Burke (14th) announced plans to consider legislation calling for City Council hearings on voting system problems, as well as a measure that would block further payments to California-based Sequoia Voting Systems pending a review of the glitches…..Burke also raised questions about the propriety of purchasing election equipment from a company owned by a Venezuelan firm

Then in Pennsylvania, Dr. Michael Shamos, a Carnegie Mellon University professor, was testing vote tampering on the "new" Sequoia Voting Machines. “In an instant, he said, he was able to transform a handful of votes into thousands.” He said the software not only had a built-in inherent problem it was also ‘hackable.’

BradBlog has details. Also try a google/news search under Sequoia. The company denies any serious problems exist and in some situations blame the people operating the machines. Posted by Picasa