Rampage of the Kosovo mafia

The Sunday Times reports "Rampage of the mafia may delay Kosovo independence."
"Despite attempts by Soren Jessen-Petersen, head of the UN mission in Kosovo, to downplay the extent of the problem, UN officials admit the corruption extends deep into the heart of the Kosovo government."

That's the truth. I reported in September of last year: "Following five years of United Nations control and billions of dollars of international aid, Kosovo is a lawless region "owned" by the Albanian mafia, characterized by continuing ethnic cleansing and subject to increasing infiltration by al Qaeda-linked Muslim jihadists, according to a whistleblower interviewed by Cybercast News Service."

That article was distributed to Kosovo officials by a U.N. official who called it "absolutely true." The corruption is rampant and no one desires to do anything about it.

Gambill had been 'discovered' by Chris Deliso who writes for Antiwar.com and http://www.balkanalysis.com/ When I read in a Deliso column the following: "However, before returning to America ... Gambill made sure to take his four-gigabyte collection of police reports, photos, and other incriminating evidence about the presence of Islamic terrorist factions in Kosovo. He is looking for a publisher for the book he is writing about his experiences there." -I was hungry to find out what Gambill had brought back. Deliso was kind enough to put me in touch with Gambill.

Deliso, Justin Raimondo and others have written about these related issues repeatedly and for a very long time. But it's still surprising when it breaks into mainstream media (finally.)