"We will not stop them all"

Since the July 7, 2004 suicide bombings in London, the number of Islamic extremists deemed national security risks has risen by almost 50% reports London's Observer.

Experts also fear the imminent release of radical cleric Abdullah el-Faisal (pictured) from prison will motivate militants further. El-Faisel used to preach at the south London, mosque attended by “Shoebomber” Richard Reid and Zacarias Moussaoui. The cleric is being released after serving just over half of a 9-year sentence for soliciting murder and inciting racial hatred. He was known for having called for the murder of all non-Muslims and for justifying the use of weapons of mass destruction against them.

London's Telegraph quotes Eliza Manningham-Buller, director general of MI5, as saying attacks by Islamic extremists are unavoidable, according to London's Telegraph: "We will not stop them all." The remark was a sober footnote to last week's report released by the Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC). The report was the conclusion of the committee's inquiry into the London terrorist bombings of 7/7, and paints a picture of limited resources (2,500 officers), and a current push to increase staff and hire on Arabic linguists.

Meanwhile, the tabloid the Sunday Mirror, claims al Qaeda have infiltrated MI5 via the push to bring Arabic speakers as quickly as possible. The paper cites "bosses at MI5" as the source of the claim. Posted by Picasa