Couple's wedding clashes with "Muslim Fun Day"

A british bride-to-be finds herself on an emotional rollercoaster today after finding out that due to a double-booking, "Muslim Fun Day" coincides with her wedding day scheduled at Alton Towers vacation theme park--and that she will therefore be required to cover herself according to Muslim conditions set on the theme park for the day.

Oh, and also disallowed: music, gambling, alcohol or riding attractions with her husband, all of which is sure to elicit a royal "We are not amused" complaint against said amusement park on day of said wedding.

One purpose of "Muslim Fun Day" the Spectator reports, is to promote...integration.

Ron Liddel: "I am beginning to think that Islam’s lord of misrule, the Dajjal — He who will bring about the final conflagration and darkness and cause a great stench to emanate from the earth — has taken up an administrative post at the Alton Towers leisure facility." [click here.]

Hat tip to Stella who adds: "It also reminds me that the banks in London do not give piggy banks away anymore because it offends the Muslims."

Update 8/3: Muslim Fun Day has been cancelled due to poor ticket sales, leaving the park to be trodden underfoot yet again by silly, gleeful kufrs in search of merriment, media reported this week. (well, they reported the first part.)

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