Conservatives storm the White House

Figuratively. (At least for now.) The Oct. issue of Washington Monthly is a scorching read: a bevy of conservatives on why it's good for the country that the GOP loses in '06 and '08.

Christopher Buckley:

On President Bush's remark that he had consulted "a higher father" before invading Iraq. Buckley: "That frisson you feel going up your spine is the realization that he meant it."

On Bush's political philosophy: "incontinent conservatism."

On Bush's accomplishments: "Democracy is on the march....Just ask Hamas."

On elections:"My fellow Republicans, it is time, as Madison said in the Federalist 76, to "Hand over the tiller of governance, that others may fuck things up for a change."

Bruce Bartlett writes "Bring on Pelosi." Joe Scarborough writes "And we thought Clinton had no self-control." Says Joe: "With any luck the Democrats will launch destructive investigations..." Bruce Fein assails the "super-imperial presidency" and compares the seizure and indefinite detention of Americans to the lettres de cachet of pre-revolutionary France. Richard Vigeurie says "The show must not go on." Posted by Picasa