Germany is turning the Bundeswehr into an international intervention force reports the Financial Times.

Interpol's Sec General: "“there is an international failure to fight terrorism at the most basic level -- that no rational citizen of any of our countries would accept if they were made aware of how significant the failure is and how easy it would be to correct”. [Read more here.]

:: The FBI's roving bugs are here...
:: The Internet fuels rise in jailed journalists.
Ex-Rep. Barr Quits GOP for Libertarians...
:: First video of calcifying nanoparticles here. (Nanobac believes many serious medical conditions are actually caused by calcification on the nano-level, and can be treated by reversing the calcification. Fascinating stuff.)
:: 2 interesting editorials on the Iraq Study Group report: What Syria Would Say (Ignatius) & In Baker's Blunder, A Chance For Bush (Krauthammer.)

More importantly, check out Christopher Brown's chronology of Iran's extracurricular activities in Iraq, which by their own admission have cost them at least $1 billion.

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