Red beer and warm atheists

A late post.. I had a great time last weekend in NYC with The Colonel as my guide. Met some great people and had a long lunch/dinner at Todai's -an endless Asian seafood buffet. (I have to admit, the 'clandestine' first meeting in the park was a bit mystifying.) Lot's of interesting anecdotes -like the Neocon atheists that sit down in the White House now with President Bush, take his hands and pray with him over the Iraq war, affirming all is going to work out just fine. About Iran mining for uranium in Somalia and how the Somali workers, who don't have proper protective gear, are getting very sick. How Jamie Shea (former spokesman for NATO) confessed the Kosovo war was all wrong, during a recent car ride with a Lt. Col. About what Anderson Cooper did recently when he was....well, that one was off the record. And most importantly, I had my first red beer. (Nice!)

I stayed just down the road from Grand Central. A light dusting of snow framed the Chrysler building beautifully against a foggy, steel gray background.