Bosnia strips "foreigners" of passports

"The [Bosnian] authorities have now revoked the citizenship of a total 367 foreigners who obtained Bosnian passports during the 1992-1995 Bosnian civil war, most of whom are from African and Asian countries, Sarajevo daily Oslobodjenje reported on Thursday. A special commission has in the past 9 months reviewed the citizenship of around 1,500 former 'mujahadeen' who fought on the side of local Muslims during the civil war and many married local women. The government has said that all those whose passports have been withdrawn will be deported. They are understood to have breached immigration procedures.Individuals who have lost their Bosnian citizenship include 72 Turks, 31 Egyptians, 30 Algerians, 37 Tunisians, 23 Sudanese, 21 Syrians, 14 Jordanians, 10 Iraqis and Saudi Arabians, the commission said. But there were also some individuals from Russia, India, North Korea, Ukraine, Moldova, Ethiopia and Mali."

The passport story is an old one, and one Westerners didn't want to hear from Serbs, because enlightened and sensitive NATO allies had already dismissed the Serbs as a collective, brainless Borg. A racist act to be sure, but one achievable through inner compartmentalization and the practiced "callousing" of conscience.

One of my sources emailed me the following after Khalid Sheikh Mohammed confessed (typos not corrected):

You know that I found that Khalid Shaykh Mohammed posses Bosinan citizenship. Most probably behind all is current [deleted].

-Khalid Shaykh Mohammed - He's Beluhistani (area between Pakistan and Afghanistan ). He's the mastermind of September 11th. His nephew was the mastermind of the first world trade center bombing in 1993. Khalid Shaykh Mohammed was in BiH in 1992 and 1993 and later. The issue of BiH was very important to him and his nephew.

-Khalid Sheikh Mohammed , the son of Salem , was born October 22, 1966, in Kuwait . He was in Bosnia as first member of El-Mudzahid unit and then, since 1996, became a member of Egyptian Islamist radical operations. He also obtained Bosnian citizenship and a Bosnian passport under the Government of the late Alija Izetbegovic. By a decision of Sarajevo Police No. 09/2-204-108 dated April 30, 1994, Khaled obtain his Bosnian citizenship certificate and immediately after that his Bosnian passport. This absolutely tied Khalid Sheikh Mohammed into the Bosnian terrorist network; Osama bin Laden and the two al-Zawahiri brothers also obtained their Bosnian credentials in similar ways.

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