Off-the-record State Dept. meeting

According to an email from someone I know who attended an off-the-record State Dept. meeting last week, the following ideas were not considered controversial there:

1. Direct and immediate negotiations with the government of Iran

2. Recognition of the reform nature currently going on within Wahabism should allay concerns about its spread

3. The US should stop supporting Israel and develop a more balanced approach in relation to Hamas

4. Radio Sawa is a wonderful tool in our fight

5. Senior State Dept Official: the biggest threat to America is our own Islamophobia which is the greatest obstacle in our war of ideas

Other presented ideas were considered controversial according to the degree which they differed from the above. Says the attendee:

"It is interesting also to note that the only Jewish panelist was attacked mercilessly by other panelists who demanded to know his sources for every one of his statements ...There were a few interesting items presented, however this event I believe was more about the reinforcement of prejudices than the exploration of anything."

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