Pride & Prejudice

"Gays are, indeed, perennially the third most loyal voting bloc for Democrats (behind blacks and Jews). Now, it’s fair to ask, what are gay Americans going to get in return?"
*Dale Carpenter on the Independent Gay Forum.

I've always been dumbfounded by the phenomenon of staunch gay support of Democrats, notwithstanding "Don't ask, don't tell" and Clinton's signing of the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act, defining marriage for for federal purposes as the union of heterosexuals. Nonetheless, it seems the GayBorg (the gay community's most public manifestations and spokespeople) will faithfully and mindlessly pine for those leftist politicians that use them, just as the Christian right pines for the GOP even when tossed the obvious bone of a potential marriage amendment that was never seriously going to be pursued -but which mobilized the evangelicals en masse prior to the 2004 election campaign. As Annie Lenox sings: "Some of them want to use you. Some of them want to get used by you."

But even more baffling has been the GayBorg's longstanding lockstep, vacuous group-think that demands that every gay or bisexual person must be a leftist, Democrat, Marxist, socialist or progressive, simply because....well why? One argument given is because social and traditional conservatives are not very friendly to gays, so the thinking goes, all gays must pick up their marbles and refuse to play on conservative/libertarian turf. (This ignores the fact there are conservatives and libertarians who accept gays). Perhaps it's partly "playing into stereotypes."

One wonders at how people arrive at such nutty, regressive and utterly conformist conclusions. Gays first 'stood up' in arenas where they were explicitly and completely unaccepted. Yet many believe those who devote themselves to any politico-cultural stain unrelated to leftism, are not thinking outside of the Gay Box, or expressing "diversity" or their freedom, but are "traitors." Traitors to whom? Themselves? Their own desires? Their own dreams? Obviously not. Traitors only to the inhabitants of the the Gay T.A.C.O. (as I call it, or "Toxic Ant Colony of Orthodoxy"-headed up by the BorgQueen of course), who want gays to deny their own desires and live to please (bow and scrape to) others. After years of fighting for their freedom, gays ironically often impose an ideological straitjacket on the community, that discourages and punishes the embracing of alternative thinking in economic, regulatory, foreign policy and other realms. No such preferences or political diversity allowed.

The Independent Gay Forum is an interesting step in a direction away from such mindless following.

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