She looked up from the pile...

I've been awol from Digital Dope due to being in a very busy phase. The New Individualist is in the middle of a new website build, with all textual & graphic content due next Tuesday. This weekend The Atlas Society (our publisher) Summer Seminar gets underway in Baltimore. (Townson U, pictured) In the meantime, TNI is moving to a new database/software system. (Wheeee!)

I'm also creating some internal project websites in snapXT - a terrific program that works in conjunction with MindManager. You can build enterprise mash-ups within minutes, with it. A sign of trends to come. Anyone interested in the direction of IT in the 21st century should read snapXT developer Jon Sapir's book, Igniting the Phoenix.

I'm also a big fan of MindManager, which along with Gyronix ResultsManager and GyroQ plug-ins offer a fabulous platform for enacting David Allen's GTD (Getting Things Done) system.
I'm also excited about programming a Personal Brain, which will be on the new website. More on that later.

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