Al Qaeda loves David Irving

Back when the fires arose again over The Satanic Verses -specifically over the Queen's knighting of the book's author, Salman Rushdie, I missed this interesting and related tidbit. Ayman al-Zawahiri's al Qaeda video threatening to deal with the Queen, also praised the infamous David Irving.

"Why don't they honour the British historian David Irving? The queen did not honour him because she cannot rebel against the Jews, who are her masters," Zawahiri said.

Those unfamiliar with Irving should start with Deborah Lipstadt's fascinating book History on Trial: My Day in Court with a Holocaust Denier. It's a riveting courtroom drama. Author Irving sued Lipstadt for calling him a Holocaust denier in a book she wrote about, well, Holocaust deniers. Sued in the "libel tourism capital of the world" (London aka the Bizarro World Justice Court) the burden of proof was upon the defendant, Lipstadt, putting her legal team in a position to have to spend millions of dollars to prove the Holocaust actually happened. She won.
And cleaned his clock big time.

Now his website wants you to know that Al-Qaeda thinks he deserves to be knighted. Thanks for sharing.

What's more, Lincoln College English and Journalism professor Kaukab Siddique -who sees a Jew behind every bush, including President Bush -published the news in his New Trend newsletter of August 5, preceded by a word signifying delight -"SMILE:"

Here are some article of mine that reference Siddique.

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N.B. Back in 2005 Siddique's New Trend suggested I'm linked to a Jewish cabal as well. Scroll down to "Zionist Attacks..." Then go to "Jewish Groups Launch Campaign" Siddique's scaring up of the ghosts of nefarious Jews plotting with Yours Truly to get him, allows him to sidestep the fact that his newsletter was accurately quoted. Funny how a journalism professor can put something before the public on the Internet and then wail when it catches broader dissemination. I also noticed that he removed his dedication to 3 female suicide bombers (Wafa Idris -whose photo appeared there -Hawaa Barayev, Khyadali Sana ) from his website sometime after I reported on it. The page -which called for a boycott of companies like Coca Cola, Hilton Hotels, Estee Lauder, Timberland, Starbucks and Disney -was dedicated to 3 female suicide bombers. How creepy is that? (Click here to see an even earlier version of the page.)

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