Capitalist heroes

Our own David Kelley, in today's Wall St. Journal.
(David is a contributing editor for The New Individualist, founder of The Atlas Society, former professor at Brandeis and Vassar, an expert in philosophy and cognitive science, author, journalist, and now, a consulting producer for the upcoming film version of Atlas Shrugged, starring Angelina Jolie. A wonderful colleague to work with, he's an exemplary unrugged individualist. Added benefit: he knows all the best places to go for Happy Hour in D.C.)

Jolie sent a message for our Atlas 50th celebration:(paraphrased) that the Dagny Taggart role is the most "relatable" character she's ever played.

For more on the festivities, check out Robert Bidinotto's blog coverage.

C-SPAN coverage of the panels will run this Saturday. (They did not film the movie producers or director panel, which took place after dinner. We did however, and that footage should be available soon.)

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