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(Note: Our magazine website crashed after the avalanche of traffic from The Glenn Beck Show. If you'd like a free copy of this issue, with Gen LaGreca's "Self-Help Guide to Living a Free Society" - email me, managing editor Sherrie Gossett, at sgossett@atlassociety.org. Remember to include your address.)

TNI writer Gen LaGreca will be on the Glenn
Beck Show tonight at 7:00PM EST (yes, that's now. Busy day. Just got around to posting on my blog.) The show replays at 9:00 PM.

Glenn called us to have Gen on, because her "Self-Help Guide to Living in a Free Society" had caught his eye. In it Gen issues a much-needed call to liberty and self-responsibility.

LaGreca warns, "Too many Americans are losing the ability to take care of themselves and are looking to the government to run their lives for them, in the tax-gouging, liberty-killing system called the welfare state."

Some of Gen's exhortations:

-"Your sex or race doesn't qualify you for a job. Only merit does."
-"If you don't go to school and don't work hard to get ahead, don't expect the same rewards as those tho do. You haven't earned them."
-"Don't instigate laws to stifle your competitors or to give your business special government favors. If you can't win customers by offering them the best products and services in a free market, then close up your shop and get a job working for a competitor who can."

You go, girl!

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