Intelligent Sticky Notes

"In an attempt to bring one of the most famous inventions of the 20th century into the digital age, scientists of the "Ambient Intelligence Group" at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed the "intelligent stickies"."

These "stickies" interact with your computer in a variety of ways. Varieties of stickie content are recognized by your computer. A question written on a stickie, will result in an answer being printed out by your computer. The computer will recognize if a stickie is addressed to someone, and will automatically send an SMS message version of the stickie to the person's mobile phone. Information on a "meeting" stickie will be automatically routed into your meeting schedule. And the RFID tag on the back means a stickie (say, that's been placed in a book) can be physically located in your office.

Sounds like this system would be a natural tool for those into David Allen's GTD (Getting Things Done) system -since you can take micro-notes and process them at the same time.

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