Micro-chipping AIDS patients -not surprising

I wasn't surprised by this story, "Indonesian AIDS patients face microchip monitoring", since years ago I had been contacted on a similar topic by mischievous short-seller and art dealer Timothy J. Miles. (Miles was later outed publicly in Forbes and elsewhere as the real identity of "Nick Tracy", proprietor of the defunct Our-Street.com).

Miles, who relayed that he was once an advisor to Florida company Applied Digital Solutions, maker of the "Verichip" microchip for humans, had engaged in a "gotcha" email set-up with ADS honchos. Posing as security consultant for an African country, Miles pitched ADS on selling officials of this country chips to forcibly implant -with the help of the, gulp, military - in AIDS patients and prisoners. In addition, he wanted lots of personal data on the chips.

You can read the "sting" email exchange he sent me (he adopted yet another identity for publication, that of a human rights activist). It's archived here.

Flashback: Former Bush HHS Sec Tommy Thompson joined the board of ADS in 2005. Then came reporting that he would get himself implanted.