In NYT building saga, sacrifice begets "sacrifice"

This item, listed on the Drudge Report, TIMES sells, leases back part of building... , brings to mind the controversy over how eminent domain was used to obtain the site.

If you missed the old story, here's a recap from Wikipedia:

"The site for the building was obtained by the Empire State Development Corporation (ESDC) through eminent domain. With a mandate to acquire and redevelop blighted properties in Times Square, ten existing buildings were condemned by the ESDC and purchased from owners who in some cases did not want to sell, asserting that the area was no longer blighted (thanks in part to the earlier efforts of the ESDC). The ESDC though prevailed in the courts.[1][2]

Once the 80,000-square-foot (7,400 m2) site was assembled, it was leased to the New York Times Company and Forest City Ratner for $85.6 million over 99 years (considerably below market value). Additionally, the New York Times Company received $26.1 million in tax breaks. "

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