Pop-top Drupal

Want to get a Drupal site up quickly, without having to deal with code, installation, maintenance, etc.? there are two good solutions: Drupal Gardens (from Acquia) and buzzr.com (from the good folks at Lullabot). Both offer intuitive admin functions and pre-built templates which can easily be customized. Great way to benefit from the powerful SEO boost Drupal offers as well as its versatile functionality.

There's a lot you can do with these two tools...e.g. creating feed aggregators as a traffic draw. Common features: FAQ, blogs, forums, video galleries, twitter feeds, event calendars, newsletter sign-ups, and of course, allowing users to become a member of the site.

Both buzzr.com and Drupal Gardens offer free webinars and instructional videos.

Also: Lynda.com offers a course in Drupal Gardens.