Boy George vs. Madonna

Boy George apparently is essentially calling Madonna a hypocrite for embracing Kabbalah -which he notes teaches homosexuality is a disease- while having used homosexuality to promote her career. This article cites the Britney-Christina smooch. I would argue though, as I have before , what she was promoting there was not really lesbianism, is was exhibitionism between 2 straight women, aping girl-on-girl porn, for the titillation of straight men. Call it faux-lesbianism if you like. That's why only phony feminists and loopy lesbians would've supported what she did -it was a throw back for feminism b/c it's a signal that it's cool for women to feel like they need to 'perform' porn for the enjoyment of their boyfriends even if they don't like it. Britney's not gay and apparently was pretty cold towards the idea of doing what was later called the "hilariously unerotic" smooch. Not surprisingly, after the stunt, there were reports of gaggles of girls as young as 8th-graders etc forcing themselves to smooch their girlfriends in order to be thought of as cool. Anyone who's worked in the nightclub scene as I have knows how common this was even before the Britney thing, and how when it's straight girls forcing themselves to put on a porn show for their boyfriends, even though they don't enjoy it, or bartenders 'performing' for tips, it has nothing to do with the enjoyment of the women or of lesbianism. It has to do with the creation of a new kind of social pressure that is anything but liberating. And that's why gay leaders and feminists should've spoken out.

Not to mention the craven performance by Madonna who yet again showed she can't rely on her musical talent. At least Stevie Nicks had the guts to criticize her. Reminds me of the Tower Records performance of "Like a Virgin" she did, which was so awful it wouldn't have won a local pool hall battle of the bands. Her live acoustic backup barely made it through the piece, and when she was losing the crowd, she bent over and jiggled her breasts -to the immediate, Pavlovian applause of the group. Madonna has always been about smoke & mirrors and fabricated controversy, and the use of sex as a cheap trick. So in a way, what Boy George is complaining about his just her being true to form.

Besides that, yes it's clear Madge has/had a huge following in the gay community especially among gay men who were apparently over-impressed with the glizty smoke'n'mirrors routine. (She did have a handful of good pop hits, but they were tunes anyone could've sung.)