Genesis: protology & eschatology

For those interested in eschatology, check out this very interesting short book (142 pgs), "The Gospel of Genesis: Studies in Protology and Eschatology" by Greg Warren. [Correction: That should be Warren Gage] Warren strives to show through tracing parallels of five major themes, that the eschatology of the Bible is intimately bound up with the protology of the early chapters of Genesis, and cannot be fully understood without realizing this. He explores the relationship of the biblical exposition of beginnings and endings, finding it relevant to the unity of the Bible, relationship of Old Testament to New, the hermeneutic of typology, and the relationship of biblical to systematic theology and more. Key terms are also included in Hebrew. Gage's thesis states that Genesis 1-7 constitutes a paradigm for macrocosmic (world) and microcosmic (Israelite) history, so that the history of the prediluvian world is parelleled in the histories of the Genesis and Revelation. For those familiar with in-depth classical music analysis there are similarities, e.g. you can't understand the conclusion without fully understanding the exposition and the recapitulation of themes during the development.