From IslamOnline.net comes this story about how London's mayor Ken Livingstone will sue knickers off the Brit government if they dare ban cherished consort Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi from their shores. A-Q is best known as the originator of the 'theological justification' for suicide bombing that appears on the HAMAS website. In the same breath he vociferously condemns terrorism and lauds suicide bombers. All Jewish targets in Israel are fair game as far as he's concerned, because he conveniently considers all to be 'military' targets' (read: "occupiers"). The logical conclusion is Livingstone see suicide bombing as ok, as long as it's NIMBY and targeting Jewish Israelis.

See A-Q on video defending suicide bombing 3 days ago: Sheik Al-Qaradhawi and other Islamic Scholars Debate Suicide Operations in a Counter-Terrorism Conference Held in Sharm Al-Sheik

London Mayor Defended 'Theologian of Terror'
UK Urged to Bar 'Sheikh of Terror'

1) A-Q sits on the advisory board of IslamOnline.net
2) This issue has always been personal for Livingstone, who isn't just supporting free speech, but goes out of his way to honor the sheikh, raising the ire of gays and various minority ethnic groups who feel threatened by A-Q's pronouncements and alienated by the mayor's praise of the man.
2) Available information about the groups (praised by A-Q) who conduct suicide bombing indicates he regularly circumscribes the arena of conflict falsely. One of the groups A-Q lauds is Islamic Jihad (IJ) whose internal charter (like the writings of other groups labeled terrorist by the State Dept.) has visions beyond Israel. "Sacred jihad" is the "only solution" for the "liberation of Palestine" AND "the destruction of heretical regimes."

What's a heretical regime? Well, according to Zarqawi's spiritual guide al-Maqdisi, democracies are heretical regimes. The modern state is a heretical unit. IJ's internal charter also states it perceives "the universe as Islamic territory which must be liberated from heresy." More food for thought: it posits Arab regimes and Israel as two sides of the same coin, therefore they perceive "the separatist and Westernized regimes as apostates that must be eliminated."

They advocate "obstructing peace agreements" and "creating an emotional barrier between the Jews and the Muslim Palestinian people and combatting advocates of Arab-Israeli coexistence." [Source: Appendix, The Islamic Jihad's Internal Charter, Islam and Salvation in Palestine, Meir Hatina.]
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