Kosovo heating up, part II

From another letter (different source), which faults (among other things) American National Guard units for being politically clueless :

"..now movement restrictions are in place, South Mitrovica, Istok, Glogovac, we are still cowering away from the bandits who roam Kosovo freely, due to the fact that all Western governments with interests here are trying to dump as many non-Serbs, yes, non-Serbs back to Kosovo and Albania....Nobody knows much of what could happen next spring, quite frankly I couldn't give a fuck about the International community here, their stupidity and naivete supercedes them, more so at the top levels in HQ's....Must not forget, the American National Guard are terrible, not all but I can say most, they should not be allowed to command a live theatre of operations.They believe that the Serbs are going to invade and slaughter all. Sending their Apaches and Bradleys up and down the border with Serbia."

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