Zarqawi's hatred of other Muslims

Zarqawi's announcement of incitement to civil war with the Shi'ites is hardly surprising, given the blow his forces took this week, and his unsparing ideology. In a letter signed by Zarqawi and seized in Iraq in 2004, he gives ample evidence of his detestation of the Shi'ites.


"The Americans had to conclude an agreement with the most vile people in the human race, the Shiites....[They] are the insurmountable obstacle, the prowling serpent, the crafty, evil scorpion lying in wait, and biting poison...Shiism is the greatest danger threatening us...the Shiite religion has nothing in common with Islam..."

The letter goes on to discuss Sunnis. The Baath Party is "foul."

The masses of Sunnis he complains "turn in spite of everything toward the promise of radiant tomorrows, a prosperous future, a peaceful life, comfort and its benefits."

Sunni Sufis are "headed for damnation" and "none of them ever speaks of jihad or calls for self-immolation.."

He even has complaints about the mujahideen: "The Iraqi brothers still prefer their security and would rather go back to the arms of their wives, safe from all fears."

Then oddly, a Bushism appears in the midst of the letter: "Democracy is on the march" Zarqawi writes.."this is leading us to suffocation and then to the death throes of wandering."

Z also notes: "This deployment of soldiers and police is an omen of a frightening future."

You may enjoy this unique book: "Zarqawi: The New Face of Al--Qaeda" -Jean-Charles Brisard with Damien Martinez. I couldn't put it down. The authors interviewed family, friends, school chums, teachers, people who did prison time with Z, former bosses. A fascinating portrait of the tattooed "Green Man" who spent time lingering in the moonscape cemetery across from his home, while growing up. Traces his trajectory from a brawling, drinking trouble maker to an ambitious member of al Qaeda and successor to bin Laden.

[Source: Appendix VII, "Zarqawi: The New Face of Al-Qaeda", Jean-Charles Brisard with Damien Martinez. ]

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