"No ugly racism here!"

Check out Tom G. Palmer's blog for the lowdown on bizarre comments on the late Rosa Parks made over @ Lew Rockwell's cybernook.

A taste of the diffuse ignorantia: "she probably was rather difficult to get along with generally, given that her ticket to a lifetime of adulation arose from nothing more than an act of stubborn refusal."

And this post from L.R. himself (which he later allegedly took down): "From from being an anonymous working woman, Mrs. Parks had been secretary of the local NAACP for 12 years, and only months before the famous incident, had trained at the Highlander School in Tennessee in civil disobedience. She was employed as a seamstress by Cliff and Virginia Durr, Montgomery’s leading white liberals, who thought she would make a perfect test case. For more, see Bearing the Cross, David Garrow’s civil rights history.

None of this means Mrs. Parks wasn’t brave to refuse to be humiliated by the government, and to face jail instead. But it does show us, once again, how little we can trust what we’re told." Posted by Picasa