Expose on religious right

"But there is another side to Jay Sekulow, one that, until now, has been obscured from the public. It is the Jay Sekulow who, through the ACLJ and a string of interconnected nonprofit and for-profit entities, has built a financial empire that generates millions of dollars a year and supports a lavish lifestyle -- complete with multiple homes, chauffeur-driven cars, and a private jet that he once used to ferry Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. ...

"Some of us truly believed God told us to serve Jay," says one former employee, who requested anonymity out of fear of reprisal. "But not to help him live like Louis XIV. We are coming forward because we need to believe there is fairness in this world."

Read rest of Legal Times report here.

If the report is accurate, one can safely say JS is hardly the only 'player' trumpeting Christian conservative themes to make millions they would never be able to make otherwise. I have had the displeasure of meeting plenty of these *bs* artists who spout Christianity and play for greed, ego, turf. (& who can forget the recent WashPost expose on Ralph Reed/Abramoff?)

Where are today's prophets? Are they all on the take too? Posted by Picasa