Latin America's New Left Axis

Analysis from the BBC. Also see: Chavez seeking to militarize Venezuela . Excerpt:

"Chavez wants 1 million armed men and women in the army reserve, and 150,000 have already joined, surpassing the regular military's force of 100,000. Now Venezuelans are also organizing neighborhood-based militia units for Chavez's Territorial Guard.

Critics of Chavez say the real goal of the mobilization is to create the means to suppress internal dissent and defend Chavez's presidency at all costs. Thousands of Territorial Guard volunteers - housewives, students, construction workers - are undergoing training, earning $7.45 per session. "We're going to be a country of soldiers," declares Roberto Salazar, an unemployed 49-year-old, after scrambling under barbed wire, wading through a mud trench and skirting burning tires with other volunteers. "

A friend emailed that Cavuto recently spoke about the possibility of enriched uranium being sent from Iran to Venezuela -which seems a very real possibility in the future. Given reports of Chavez's alleged cozying up to terrorists, including ordering government officials to launder the identities of known terrorists on the Interpol watchlist and issue passports for them, this should be an area of great concern.

Also see: Alarm over rise in Venezuelan drugs traffic.