UN prepares final ethic cleansing of Serbs

Focus News Agency (Bulgaria)
April 18, 2006
Europe Prepares to Evacuate 40,000 Kosovo Serbs

Podgorica - Chair of the Serbian National Council for Central Kosovo RadaTrajkovic revealed that the WHO and UN Refugee Agency are preparing aproject for the evacuation of 40,000 Serbs who are expected to leave Kosovo after it receives its independence.

The project is in its final stage and crisis headquarters that will receiveSerbs who would leave Kosovo are being set up, the Montenegrin newspaperDan reads today.Trajkovic expressed her regret that the World Health Organizationparticipates in a project for moving Serbians from Kosovo."I am waiting for an official reaction from Belgrade because instead ofcreating an environment to keep the Serbs in Kosovo there is a project that proposes [them] leaving it," Trajkovic noted. "

So much for UN statements pretending progress will be made and Serbs will be re-integrated into Kosovo, after a 6-year long ethnic cleansing campaign. It also reminds me of a secret military plan described to me by a field officer in Kosovo some months ago --the plan was for emergency evacuation of Serbs and KFOR personnel in case of an outbreak of uncontrollable violence. Just another reminder that the international community is not really in charge of Kosovo.