NSA officer to testify in closed session

Former NSA Intelligence Analyst & Capabilities Officer Russ Tice reports today via email:

"I am set to testify in closed session to the Senate Armed Services Committee about the SAP programs I was involved with at NSA and DoD on Wednesday, 17 May 2006. I am to meet with Senate staffers in the Russell Senate Office Building, in room 228, at 12:57pm EDT. From there, we will immediately be moving to a secure locations that is accredited for SAP level discussions. I apparently will not know where this location is until I am escorted to it on Wednesday."

Click here to read 2 letters penned by Tice on testifying.

Update: Tice email #2, sent out late yesterday: "Update on the Senate Armed Services Committee. I have been told today by the committee minority staff director that I will not be "testifying" to the committee, but rather talking to a few staff members that are cleared at the SAP level. Apparently no senators from the committee will be in attendance at this meeting."